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Best for floor protection. Guard sheets is is a versatile product designed to provide reusable surface protection for all fixtures and surfaces during construction. It is less expensive then thermoply offering excellent surface protection for all surfaces including concrete, tile, viynl, wood floors, doors, counters, cabinets, and other surfaces.

Features / Application:

Print sheet



Used as a ready to print on advertising boards.   Being a client centric firm we are into offering an exclusive Print Sheets. These are commonly known as PPC Printing sheets and are extremely reliable in nature. Offered sheets are widely used for various applications such as Screen printing, mounting boards, floor guard, advertising danglers, POP display boards, signage, movie display stands and many mo

Features / Application:



Contains a Fire Retardant master batch, which will resist the flames for a certain time.

FR sheets is ideal for flame resistant signage, displays and trade show booths. It is a premium grade twin wall board made with a block-copolymer polypropylene resin in a unique flame inhibiting additive package.

FR sheets is made with polypropylene copolymer, a nonabsorbent material, and requires inks formulated for this type of product. Recommended solvent based screen printing inks that can be used for best appearance and adhesion.

FR sheet



Contains a UV Master batch that protects its color from fading once put outdoor, and under the sun.

Outdoor sheet is a UV-absorbing agent, which has been stabilized so as not to become pale or yellowish, particularly in the range of appropriate UV wavelength. Thus the outdoor sheets always remain fresh and are capable of screening off the UV ray harmful to human health.



clear sheets is can be used for versatile backlit signage, such high clarity sheets attributes a UV inhibitor to increase product permanence. This multipurpose sheet can be used for a next ensiveselection of Packaging, Industrial and graphical purposes.

Clear sheet
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